My Breakdown Story

It was a cold night in January after I returned from Thailand. I just couldn’t face the city life after being away for 3 sunny weeks. I was certain I didn’t want to commute and hear the noise of London again as I did for the last 18 years so I made a wish. I wished that I could hibernate for a couple of months until the sun was out again. Needless to say, guys, lockdown is not what I had in mind…

Secretly, I dreamt about sitting at my future beach house, sipping on a cup of coffee, reading and writing the days away while building my nutrition business.

Instead of this pretty dream manifesting, well, I developed an obsession which probably could have been bearable with a beach in front of me!

I thought about my nutrition business and nothing else. I was spreading my wings in way too many different directions which resulted in being unproductive. I was over-exercising but didn’t eat enough. And I was looking for love stories that didn’t show up…Slowly, I developed The BIG 3: Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia!

Nutritionally speaking I was feeling very confident how to address these issues but to be fair nutrition was not the issue for me! It was the mental distress I was worried about. I was so hyper, I couldn’t switch off and felt too excited on the outside, but on the inside, something was boiling.

One day I felt dizzy and hit the sack. I was in pain, mentally and physically. It felt like I had no energy to move. I was having a breakdown. 

The first person that came to my mind was Arianna Huffington and her breakdown story. I knew immediately that my adrenals hit rock bottom. I was always a very strong-willed woman and during my self-reflection time (had many days to think while I was in bed!), I came to this big realisation that I AM NOT A SUPERWOMAN and it’s time to stop pretending I am one. Once this realisation found me, another influential crossed my mind, Brene Brown. The queen of vulnerability. I decided to allow myself to be that way. It feels so good!

You can be the healthiest physically, you can have the most nourishing foods in your tummy daily but if mentally you don’t slow down you are basically in for a treat! And don’t we all know this? I hear ya say Yesss!

Do you see how Stress is just so paradoxical! It makes us alive to a certain extent but it can also send us to the ground…

Anxiety? I had no idea about it before. I don’t even understand the difference between stress and anxiety. Most literature differentiates based on the cause as being internal or external. An anxious person responds to an internal event that actually may not be threatening but it is to that person. It is a persistent feeling while a stressed person reacts to an external trigger that can be both short or long term.

To be fair, this does not make much sense to me! Surely, we can be stressed out due to internal causes and feel anxious due to external events. Perhaps I am missing something but hey…I am here to talk about what got me out of this big deep hole!

Before I share what worked for me the best, let me just say that insomnia was alien to me. I could sleep no matter what. The only time I struggled with sleep was when I lost my dad. But not this time…it got to me. I couldn’t wind down, I was revolving around business thoughts 24/7.

The help of the CBD Oils

One morning I remembered that I bought a starter kit of CBD oil from KLORIS at the Live Well Summit in February. This premium grade CBD oil is formulated by Cambridge Scientists.


I am certain that the use of the CBD oil from Kloris speeded up my recovery and stimulated parasympathetic activity (aka Rest and Digest) within days helping me overcome my breakdown.

I would like to mention and praise Pedram who was so helpful and knowledgable and left me with loads of useful information on the benefits of CBD Oil and on the different research projects, Kloris is working on.

I purchased both the oil drops for internal use and the face oil which is so magical for acne prone skin! I didn’t know how CBD actually works other than it is good for you. So I did a bit of learning and here it is:

Brain cells have gaps between them which are called synapses. Because of this, some cells are called presynaptic and others postsynaptic. Messages are transported by neurotransmitters from presynaptic to postsynaptic cells.

CBD works backwards using an endocannabinoid system! The messages are transported by cannabinoids from the postsynaptic to the presynaptic cells. Because the cannabinoids act on the presynaptic cells, they can control the next course of action. This means they can limit how much neurotransmitter gets released. Consequently, emotions and feelings are kept in check. This is so fascinating guys!

Very important to mention is that high-quality CBD oil contains no or little THC. It is removed during the extraction process. THC is the compound that gets you high. KLORIS is completely THC free!

Sending a big THANK YOU to KLORIS for creating such a pure and fasting acting product. Thanks to you guys, I have recovered within two weeks from this vegetable state.


You can never underestimate

the POWER of a quiet MIND!


With LOVE,


If you feel you are entering a breakdown reach out to me! I would be happy to help you overcome that state of mind.

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