Hey gorgeous!

I'm a Women's Health Nutritionist and your what when why coach.

I help women over 30 with stressful lifestyles to FEEL WHOLE again by making the RIGHT FOOD and LIFESTYLE choices.

Welcome to My Platform

I am struggling with skin issues that affect my self confidence.
I am feeling bloated after every meal.
I am craving sugar and experiencing afternoon energy dips.
I don’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep.

I am experiencing mood swings, premenstrual syndrome, and period problems.

I have tried everything but I can’t lose weight.
I am suffering from hay fever and other histamine related reactions.

If any of that sounds like YOU...

...well, we kinda need to talk!

hello, I am Anita!

Dreamer. Doer. Nature Lover.

and more importantly, 

Registered & Qualified
Nutritional Therapist

who is passionate to help people like me so that you don’t miss out on living life to the fullest for too long!

I am a small-town girl with big dreams, who strongly believes in the healing power of nutrition and time spent in nature.

Fancy a little read About Me?


"I was feeling exhausted and suffered insomnia due to lots of stress at work. Then I had a consultation with Anita. She helped me realise that changing the foods I was consuming and taking the right supplements will reduce the anxiety I was experiencing.

Anita was very knowledgeable and supportive, offered me plenty of useful resources and recipes. She helped me understand that I could improve my sleep and reduce my stress levels by having the right diet and making small adjustments to my lifestyle.

Through her help and support, I am regaining my energy and feel much more relaxed every day. Anita had a positive impact on my wellbeing and I can't thank her enough!"

R. Miteva, London


"Anita has been recommended to me and she didn’t disappoint. She went way beyond the usual health and nutritional review to get to the core of my problems.

I loved the way Anita listened to all details and based her recommendations on a holistic approach including not only the right level of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but also reasonable lifestyle changes and mental health improvements.

She provided me with a thorough, well-researched report and easy to follow guidelines which have proven very useful in my day-to-day life.

Anita is also a ray of sunshine and a bundle of positive energy who radiates optimism and joy. I’ve felt lightened of my load after our first two sessions - I’ll be definitely back!"

V. Pimper, London


"Anita has been a great life change. I was very sceptical at the beginning, but with her very welcoming and understanding approach, she made me feel at ease immediately. She was able to understand very quickly my nutritional issues and how they were connected with life decisions, emotions and behaviours.

By understanding some of the patterns, she helped me to approach a new way to take care of myself and build a new path which has been proven extremely beneficial for my well-being, health and happiness. By approaching nutritional issues first, step by step (vitamins, nutrients, minerals, diet) and deeper personal issues, she went well beyond a typical nutrition advice.

​ She has a very positive energy and is a great listener. She also always provides incredible advices, is never judgemental, and creates positive disruptions that develop a brand new mind-set. I am extremely grateful to Anita, I will definitely recommend her!".

E. Gregorio, London


"Working with Anita has been the one of the best things I have done! After years of struggling with food, various health problems and chronic fatigue, she has helped me get back to a really healthy place. She is very kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I really can't recommend her enough! My energy is now back and I am feeling better than I have for a very very long time!"

J. Lawrance, London



Hormonal Imbalance
Weight Management
Low Mood & Stamina
Gut Health
Skin Health
Stress & Anxiety