the 5 pillars

Achieving optimal health

I won’t sugar coat it, I hated reading in school! Every single must-read book was a constant fight for me. I am still finding it hard to understand why children are pressured to read books they do not have an interest in.

I remember reading my first article in the field of nutrition. At first, it was all foreign but within weeks I felt home in the world of human physiology and nutrition. For someone who used to finish the nights off at McDonald’s after many shots of vodka was a big big SHIFT!

Today, researching and sharing information as well as growing my knowledge base gives me the biggest pleasure. I am aiming to do this in a way that is easy to understand for everyone.

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the 5 pillars for optimal health

At the start of my healing journey, I made fun of my only friend who already embarked on the journey of, I call, “respecting my body”.

I couldn’t help the feeling of boredom and annoyance when I listened to her lectures about smoothies and clean eating. 

Little I knew back then!

One day I woke up and found myself reflecting on my current state of health, both physical and mental. I decided to take action. I read one book after another and while I very much enjoyed the content of these articles, I have also lacked focus by the end of the lengthy articles. In my view, reading should be fun, inspiring, informative while giving you some value that motivates you to make a positive change.

I have created The 5 Pillars that are all critical to optimal health. 

If you feel inspired by these writings and interested to embark on a journey that brings you more clarity, please do get in touch for informal chat to discuss your next steps.

achieve optimal health by understanding the 5 pillars: