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random facts about me

1.   I eat 2 big bowls of vegetables 6 days a week

2.   I laugh every single day

3.   I am a hug addict

4.   I cannot imagine life without exercising 

5.   I am obsessed with cocoa energy balls and coffee

6.   I am a big fan of food combining 

7.   In love with sourdough and writing

about me - women's health specialist

Don't eat anything your great grandmother
wouldn't recognise as food

Michael Pollan

meet me on a serious note

I wasn’t always this confident.

And my partying years – for the record we are talking my 20s -wasn’t only fun!

I overworked myself in different jobs that instead of bringing me joy only left me drained and stressed. Cleverly, I also took the OCP (oral contraceptive pill) for over 10 years without taking a break from it and questioning its long term effect.

I spent over a decade with cystic acne, PMS, hormonal imbalance, and severe gut issues. What’s more, I developed hay fever, skin rashes, and food intolerances. It was emotional and challenging times with suicidal thoughts due to my looks, mood swings, and stomach pain. I lost the will to socialise for quite some time. During my early 30s, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer which sent me off to anxiety and depression for a couple of months.

My health challenges and the loss of my father lead me to evidence-based nutrition studies. I deep-dived into alternative healing and naturopathic nutrition, which soon became my passion and purpose. To formalise my passion, I studied for three amazing years and qualified at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.


My view on food

I believe in whole foods and eating the rainbow. I love cooking from scratch made with clean and nutrient-dense ingredients. I believe in neuro-chemical relationship which means that eating refined and processed foods leads to addiction. Hence training the mind to choose the healthier options also trains the taste buds to go for healthy foods.


My Approach

We are all unique and so your nutrition plan too!

I share my tools and knowledge but you do the work.

I support supplementing besides consuming whole foods but only high quality brands.

I believe in “Eat To Live” not “Live To Eat”.

Sharing Is Caring.


My Background

Bringing a wealth of research and analytical skills from my corporate careers to the nutrition field as well as personal health struggles.